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(Translated by Google) Is he Harand's life (Original) هل هو حراند حياة

(Translated by Google) Yes it is the same (Original) نعم هو نفسه

(Translated by Google) Contact number with the hotel (Original) رقم التواصل مع الفندق

Can you please write it in English??

(Translated by Google) I live in it for about 15 years and all my vacations and its place of magnificence and management and the endowment magnificence and all the hotel and furniture facilities magnificence (Original) الفندف اسكن فيه من حوالي 15 سنه وجميع اجازاتي فيه ومكانه روعه والاداره والاصداف روعه وجميع اماكن الفندق والاثاث روعه

(Translated by Google) Egypt is all wonderful (Original) مصر كلها روعة

(Translated by Google) Drinks offered in the lobby are complimentary (Original) هل المشروبات التي تقدم في اللوبي مجانية

Greetings from Grand Nile Tower, We kindly inform you that the hot and cold beverages offered in the Rendez-vous are not for free

(Translated by Google) himself  Grand tower nile hotel? (Original) هو نفسه Grand tower nile hotel?

(Translated by Google) Yes the same hotel (Original) نعم نفس الفندق

There is a Wifi in the hotel??

(Translated by Google) Yes there is free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in all rooms even if you are not a resident and inside the hotel there is free Wi-Fi (Original) نعم يوجد واي فاي مجانا فى اللوبي وفى جميع الغرف ولو انت مش مقيم وداخل الاوتيل يوجد واي فاي مجانا

(Translated by Google) Hotel managed by any hotel company? (Original) الفندق بإدارة اي شركه فنادق؟

I think it used to be grand hyatt group but now it is by its own.

(Translated by Google) Are there jobs in the Housekeeping department? (Original) هل يوجد وظائف في قسم هاوس كيبنيج

(Translated by Google) You should ask about the personnel affairs (Original) يجب ان تسال في شؤن العاملين

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